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Our 2015/2016 references: Management of a portfolio of three 2 and 3 star hotels, grouping 574 rooms; several pre-opening and opening instructions for 2017, 2018 and 2019.


We have the solution you need…

Marketing and Operating Audit

We’ll study your business from a marketing and operational standpoint and submit an operational report with recommendations to help you solve the problems raised.


Marketing and Operating Assistance Contract

Want to reposition your product? Just bought a hotel? Need specific assistance? We can offer an ‘à la carte’ contract from 12 days to one year!


Pre-opening Contract

We’ll handle the operational and ‘job’ side of your hotel’s opening – from drafting your marketing strategy to hiring your teams, not forgetting to outline the business-specific and operating control tools you need…

In line with your objective and budget, we’ll prepare for a successful opening together!


Management and Marketing Assistance

We can take over the daily management and operations of your business.

From turnover to gross operating profit, we’ll manage your business in your best interests over the medium to long term, as agreed together.

Our strength lies in our operational expertise and ability to adapt to all types of hotel business, from budget hotels to more upscale establishments.

Drawing on our in-house partnerships at In Extenso, we won’t just look after the accounting and financial side (if you so wish), we’ll also manage yield, local marketing, social and employment issues, building maintenance and so on.

Our objective is to work with our investors in a win-win situation!


Asset Management

Non-operator investors !

Have you outsourced the management of your hotel to an operator under a management agreement, or rented out your business under a management lease contract?

If so, we can assist you by auditing your business (every trimester, semester or year, for example) from a marketing and operational standpoint, and with a view to assessing the change in value.

We can show you how your business is evolving – from how the operator is progressing to how the value is evolving.


Some references:


Management and Marketing Assistance

  • Assistance in managing a 61-room budget hotel in Marne-la-Vallée up until the signature of the deed of sale.
  • Advising an owner-investor with regard to his 4 star property located in a Northern French coastal resort over a three year period.


Marketing and / or Operational Support

  • Assistance in the takeover of a 49-rooom hotel in Perros-Guirec.
  • Assistance in the takeover of a 152-rooom hotel in Marne-la-Vallée.
  • Assistance in the takeover of a 192-rooom, branded hotel close to Paris.


One-off Marketing and Management Audits

  • 5 star hotel in Courchevel 1850
  • 3 star hotel in Paris 6
  • Two 3 and 4 star hotels on the Normandy coast.
  • 3 star hotel in Savoy