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We sold seventeen 2, 3 and 4 star properties, totalling over 100 million euros, between May 2015 and May 2016!

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, we’re there to help every step of the way.

Zoom on the five key stages of a successful acquisition

1 – Helping you define your project

We’ll start by going over all the points that can help you best specify, define or refocus your project, taking into account issues such as your available capital, experience, current situation and income expectations.

2 – Selecting suitable businesses or locations

Together, we’ll study only those opportunities that meet your project specifications, looking at how the selected business functions, how profitable it is, and so on.

3 – Organising a visit of suitable properties

We’ll send you a presentation pack of the selected property so you can understand how the business operates. This pack contains all the information communicated by the principal, including general facts about the business and its operation, a study of financial documents, balance sheets, profit and loss statements, amortisation tables, a feasibility study, a personalised financing plan based on your available capital, the commercial lease, etc.

4 – Preparing for the signature of official documents and deeds

We’ll introduce you to the legal partners, lawyers or solicitors involved in drafting the sales contract, so your commitment can be formalised. We’ll provide the issuers of official documents with all necessary administrative and accounting data, assisting them where necessary with drafting the various documents. Our teams are also on hand to re-read these documents and accompany you to meetings where you will sign them.

5 – Assisting up until you’re handed the keys

We can provide help with:
– The fulfilment of conditions precedent.
– Searching for financing.

Tailor-made assistance at every stage of your project.

Approaching retirement? Looking to change industries? Moving? Our professional experts will share with you their savoir-faire and the strength of the In Extenso network to help you sell or transfer your business.

Zoom on the five key stages of a successful transaction

1 –Estimation

After studying the relevant legal and accounting documents, we’ll estimate the value of your business, not just based on its location, but also on its strengths, weaknesses and profitability.

2 – Advertising

We’ll prepare customised sales documentation for your business. Depending on how confidential you wish the transaction to be, we’ll diffuse (or not) your sales advert in various ways (mailings, regional, national and professional advertisements, internet portals, business start-up trade shows, etc.). As a partner of In Extenso Tourisme, Culture & Hôtellerie, we have access to one of the most comprehensive databases on the French market.

3 – Intermediation

We’ll send a detailed presentation of your business to all buyers with the agreed-upon profile (available capital, experience, etc.), and manage all the different steps necessary for successfully advancing, negotiating and executing the sale (landlord, authorities, etc.).

4 – Assistance in drafting sales acts

We’ll establish a comprehensive purchase offer and help you draft sales acts, in collaboration with our legal partners or advisors of your choice. We actively take part in drafting the various official documents required.

5 –Financing

We can help you look for financing via our partner structures – In Extenso Finance & Transmission, for example.